How To...

This is how to stop your text from invading into your borders. Simply put your text in a table =)

Just copy and paste this part into the head of your html. You can adjust the 85% if it is to big or to small to what you like.

<TABLE WIDTH="85%" align="right">

And put this </TR></TD></TABLE> at the very end of your html, right before the </BODY></HTML>

Example of this this will look

<TABLE WIDTH="85%" align="right">


This is how to stop your background from scrolling. This is a real nice effect as a scrolling background is sort of distracting.

Just put this before the closing tag (>) where your background image .jpg or .gif information is located.


<BODY BACKGROUND="yourdirectoryname/yourfilename.jpg" bgproperties="fixed">

Let's say you have this really big image that you would like to display but it takes forever to load... This is one way to get it to load faster. Put the Image on the bottom of your opening page of your web site only really small, so small in fact that it can't be seen. This way the image is already loaded into your visitor's web cache and it will load faster.

Here is the code for doing this...
<IMG SRC="your directory name/your file name.jpg" HEIGHT="1" WIDTH="1">

Need some simple HTML codes?

To center something use... <CENTER>Your image goes here </CENTER>

To insert an image use... <IMG SRC="yourdirectoryname/yourfilename.jpg or .gif">

To keep your text spaced like it is in your editor use... <PRE>TEXT HERE </PRE>

To align something to either the right, left, top, bottom etc use... ALIGN="right" sub. any other aligment for right. You can use this to align either text or images.

To make a word bold or italic use... <B> </B> or <I> </I> around the word you want to emphise, example<B>word</B> or <I>word</I>

To change color or your text use... <FONT COLOR="#your choice of color">right before you want to change colors then put </FONT> after the change is to stop.

I want to change the <FONT COLOR="#00CC00">color </FONT> of this word. This will make the word "color" show up green.

How to place a text link to other pages.

<A HREF="page url.html">Click Here</A>

I used the words Click Here but you can use anything you like.

How to link an image to other pages.

<A HREF="page url.html"><your directory/name of image.jpg or .gif></A>

Making an E-mail link.

<A HREF="mailto:your email addy">E-Mail Me</A>

I will add to this section as I think of new things to add but in the meantime if there is something that you need don't hesitate to ask me. I will help you if I can =)

If you have a 'How To' that you would like to share
just e-mail it to me and I will post it and give you credit for you submission =)